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gajar methi aloo is pakistani sabzi recipe. Read its urdu and enflish recipe.
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gajar methi allo

Potato___ half kg
Fenugreek___ 200 grams
Onion___ 200 grams
Tomato___ 50 grams
Carrot___ half kg
Gralic___ 10 grams
Ginger___ 20 grams
Red pepper(crushed)__ as required
Black pepper___ 12 nos
Scratch or peel the garlic, onion and ginger finely. Peel and cut the carrots and potatos.
Clean the fenugreek well and cut finely. After that heat the oil into a boiler.
Add onion in it and heat it to red and add crushed red pepper, salt, garlic and tomato and heat the spices.
Then provide few drops of water and add chopped carrots, fenugreek, potato and fry it. After 3 minutes
add water according to the requirement and cook at medium flame after covering it.
Then add black pepper in it.
Cook for further 10 minutes on a very low fire.
Then take it out from the fire. Delicious potato, carrot and fenugreek gravy is prepared.
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