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Sada pasandy is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Sada Pasandy

Pasanday___ half kg
Onion___ 2 bundles
Gralic___ 1 bundle
Yoghurt___ 125 grams
Green coriander___ 1 bundle
Dry coriander___ 3 pinch
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Crushed seasoning___ 1 pinch
Ghee__ 125 grams
Salt___ to taste
Cut the tussels of onion. Then add some of them into ghee and place on the stove and fry ghee. When the onion becomes red then draw it out from the ghee. Add this onion into the gravy when it is prepared. Grind onion, garlic, red pepper
and coriander on the slab with water. Add this into ghee and fry it whenever spices are added to the boiler provide few drops of water. Keep this procedure continue till the spices are red and leaves ghee. Then add pasanday in it and fry it.
Add yoghurt after few minutes. It will leave water fry pasanday into this water. When they become red then add water to tender them and cover the boiler. Check it after 20 to 25 minutes. If water is dried and pasanday are not tender then add
some more water. If they are tender then take out the boiler from the stove and add seasoning and chopped coriander in it and cover for few minutes. After then that start taking out the curry they will be delicious and tasteful for eating.
Sada pasandy , urdu recipes
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