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Nihari is a urdu and indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Meat___ 1kg
Large cardamon___ 8 nos
Ginger, garlic grinded___ 1table spoon
Salt___ to taste
Flour/Plain flour___ 3tea spoon
Crushed seasonings___ 1 tea spoon
Aniseed___ 3 table spoon
Tube bones___ half kg
Onion___ 1 bundle
Dry ginger___ 5to6 table spoon
Oil___ one and half cup
Ginger julians___ 1 table spoon
Red pepper crushed___ 1 table spoon
Turmeric___ 1 tea spoon
Heat the oil into a boiler, gloden brown the onion.
When it is golden brown then add ginger, garlic, turmeric, pepper, half seasoning and salt and fry it lightly and then fry after adding meat and tube bones.
Add 4to 5 glass of water and tie dry ginger, aniseed and large cardamon into a piece of cloth and add in the boiler and let it cook on low flome after covering the boiler. When the meat is tender so take out the muslin bundle and extract all the juice by pressing it in a strainer.
Add seasoning and ginger and heat on a very low flame. Add some green chili after sliting it delicious nihari is ready. Have it with hot naan or qulcha.
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iffat yasmeen says:
this is the best recipe of nahari dish, pl go through and enjoy it. from: abbu

mubashir syed says:
this is the best recipe for you.

syed ali shah says:
what will do with maida of 3 spoon?

arif mahomed says:
recipe looks good will try it in due course and let you know how it came out

maria bibi says:
i like this recpie it help me for cooking good naihari. thanks.

munir says:
hi in this resepe u did not tel how used the aatta or meda please tel and compleate ur respe thnks

Narjis says:
best recipe, ever.

farzana says:
this recipe is very good thanks for u

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