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Madrasi rice briyani recipe in urdu. It is indian traditional food made in special ocassions.
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Madrasi Briyani
Rice___ 1 kg
Ghee___ 250 grams
Milk___ as required
Green coriander___ 1 bundle
Small cardamon___ 5grains
Gralic___ 125 grams
Mint leaves___ 1 nubdle
Clove___ 5 nos
Salt___ to taste
Meat___ 1 kg
Yoghurt___ 250 grams
Tomato___ 250 grams
Red chili___ few
Ginger___ 100 grams
Green chili___ 125 grams
Black cumin___ 2 tea spoon
Cinnamon___ 3 pieces
Saffaron or yellow color___ optimum quantity
First fry the onion into ghee and add whole green chili in it. Then after awhile add coriander and mint. Then add white pepper and all the other spices and fry the meat.
Add tomato and yoghurt in it. When it is fried well then add approximately 3 liter water and leave for cooking. When 2 or 4 boils comes into water then add washed rice in it.
Let it cook for a while.
When it is about to boil then
add saffaron or yellow color after mixing into milk before compklete boiling and leave for further cooking.
When the rice left to tender one about let it heat and draw it after 15 minutes.
Biryani is ready now.
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mobi says:
very wel done.its 2much interestind n delicious dish

asma says:
vvvvv good

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