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Back Pan Tikkey
Meat___ half kg
Onion___ 1 bundle
Garlic___ 1 bundle
Poppy seed___ 1 tola
Ghee___ 150 grams
Ginger___ 1 bundle
Crushed red pepper___ 3 pinch
Salt___ to taste
Wash the meat with water.
Then after cleaning with a clean cloth cut into pieces. Apply on the meat pieces.
Cut onion into fine pieces.
Fry ghee on the plain pan and place the meat on the pan with soft hands.
Add fine pieces of
onion over it.
And cover the pan with any untensil so that steam will not come out.
When bell like sound comes then add water and again cover it, after sometime this water will be dry.
If meat pieces are well dried then
do not add water.
If they are not tender then leave it to heat.
After few minutes they will leave the ghee.
Now draw them out from the
fire and eat with bread or oily braed.
If mango or turnip pickle is available then it will increase the joy.
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