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Sheesh K Tikkey
Goat\'s leg meat in the form of pieces___ half kg
Ghee___ 50 grams
Lemon___ 2 nos
Tomato___as required
Crushed seasonings___ 2 tola
Onion___ 1 bundle
Salt___ to taste
Spin lemon\'s extract into a chinaware vessel.
Add crushed seasonings, vinegar, pepper, salt in it. ( Remember that do not add onion and tomato in it
keep separate the thick slices of onion)
The mixture that is prepared by mixing the spices in the lemon or sour extract add into melted ghee and stirr well.
Dissolve this mixture into ghee.
Wash meat pieces and add into this mixture so that these pieces will marinate well.
Place them into refrigrator for 6 or 7 hours.
If regrirator is not available then keep it in open place in the winter.
But if the weather is hot do not do this procedure and tie into sticks and tie an onion piece
and tomato piece and cook on fire.
Delicious and tasty tikkas are prepared.
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