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Lucnow Tikkey

Mutton meat___ 1 kg
Crushed extract___ 1 spoon
Salt___ 1 spoon
Lemon extract___ 250 ml
Unripe papaya___ 1 spoon
Black pepper___ 1 spoon
Cut meat into 1 and half inch pieces and apply all the mixtutre on the meat and leave it for 6 hours.
Toss it on and off.
After that tie in the stick and heat by placing 3 inch above. Roast for 10 minutes from one side.
Stick should be square from the other side because usually meat slips during tossing and does not toss well.
For garnishing, chop green chili and onion rings nd and tie in the stick with meat.
Like that they will heat or roasted with the meat.
On preparation serve on lay with green chili, onion, ginger and chop salad, chutney.
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