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Chineese Tikkey
Meat___ 1 kg
Cloves___ 9 nos
Small cardamon___ 8 nos
Ginger___ bundle
Red pepper crushed___3 tola
Yoghurt___ s required
Ghee___ 375 grams
Black pepper___ 9 nos
Onion___ half kg
Dried coriander___ 3 pinch
Salt___ to taste
Prepare thin slices of meat, add some ghee into boiler and fry on a very low flame and fry slices of meat in it untill they become red.
Then take them out from the boiler and place into a wide surface vessel and apply ginger extract and salt on them.
Now chop the onion into very fine pieces.
Then redden it into a frying ghee and add yoghurt in it. And add it with meat into boiler
and heat it well and keep on adding water.
When this water and yoghurt dries then mix dry coriander into water and add in it.
After some time meat slices will tender.
Take them out from the boiler.
Fry every slice separately into ghee and tie on the stick and cook on fire.
They will become soft.
chineese tikkey , urdu recipes
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