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sheer khurma is a urdu pakistani recipe.
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Sheer Khurma

Dried dtaes___ 125 grams
Raisin___ 50 grams
Pistachio___ 50 grams
Milk___ 1 liter
Clove___ 2 nos
Coconut___ 125 grams
Small cardamon___ 6 nos
Vermicelli___ 250 grams
Sugar___ to taste
Almond___ 50 grams
Ghee__ as required

Boil vermicelli and add some ghee into it and place it separately.
Cut dired dates, pistachio and almond into fine pieces.
Add the dry fuits into boiling water.
Then cook for a while.
Then draw it and add boiled vermicelli in it.
Heat it by adding sugar to taste.
Heat it as much as the milk and vermicelli dissolve and becomes
Make it viscous according to desire.
Delicious sheer khurma is ready.

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