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Swaiyon Ka Zarda is urdu pakistani recipe which is made on eid day and special ocassions.
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Swaiyon Ka Zarda
Vermicelli___ half kg
Saffaron___ 2 mashay
Pistachio___ 1 tola
Ghee___ 50 grams
Suagr___ 250 grams
Condensed milk___ 125 grams
Milk___ 375 ml
Strain the sweetner of sugar after preparation.
Strain the vermicelli after boiling into separate water.
Fry the condensed milk into ghee.
Now add the fried condensed milk into sweetner and mix with the spoon
and draw the boiler.
Now add saffaron and milk into a separate boiler.
When the milk is dried add vermicelli
and add condensed milk, sweetner and vermicelli slowly. And place to heat and draw it after a while and sprinkle
pistachio on it.
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