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sawanuo ka muzafar is a urdu pakistani recipe.
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Sweet vermicelli
Cardamon___ 8 nos
Condensed milk___ 250 grams
Ghee___ 250 grams
Sugar___ 125 grams
Cloves___ 8 nos
Milk___ 250 ml
Vermicelli___ 250 grams
Fry the vermicelli into ghee when they becomes red draw them and place them.
After that add condensed milk into the
vermicelli by hand and fry them, fry them to untill they becomes red.
Then add milk and place on a fire and then take them out from the stove.
So that they will tender now add cloves into the ghee and slightly heat it, add sugar and prepare sweetner and add vermilcelli
draw them after 10 minutes heating.
Grind the saffaron and add with almonds.
Donot tighten the sweetner.
After leaving 1 string viscos
mix the vermicelli. After drawing add rose water and almonds.
sawanuo ka mazafar , urdu recipes
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