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Safeeda is a urdu pakistani recipe. Its a sweet dish made on special events.
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Suagr___ 750 grams
Fragrant water, rose water___ 1 tola
Ghee___ 150 grams
Sweet water essence___ 1 drop
Almond\'s kernel___ 50 grams
Rice___ half kg
Coconut____ 50 grams
Cardamon___ 5 nos
Soak the rice into water for half an hour.
Rice should bhi long and old type, cook the suagr into half liter of water.
When it becomes boil add milk with spoon.
Like this turbidity will be clear and comes to the side remove it.
Repeat this process
several times.
Sweetener will be clear like this.
When half of the water remains then add 6 mashay lemon extract in it, then
take it out.
Boil rice in water into a boiler.
Add five green cardamon and five cloves.
To check the Tender level of rice press them in fingers
there is a hard part inside them.
Two marks will be appear on it.
It means that rice is about to tender.
After draining the rice spread them into
another vessel like this half of the vessel will remain empty. Spread the sweetner on the rice.
When the sweetner mixed into the rice so take out the
boiler and add clove and cardamon into ghee and fry them and then spread like the sweetner.
Sprinkle 25 ml of milk. By this rice becomes soft.
Boil, peelo off and cut the almond\'s kernel and then sprinkle and then cover the rice boiler with flour and heat on coals.
Place some burning coals on top of it.
When it is heated then add fragrant water or rose water and draw them and use them.
Mix the sweet water during
the sweetner preparation. 
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