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Balai dar swaiya urdu and pakistani recipe made on special events like eid day or any happy occasion.
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Balai Ki Sawaiyan

Vermicelli___ 1 kg
Sugar___ 1 kg
Cream___ 1 kg
Raisin___ 250 grams
Ghee__ 50 grams
Milk___ 1 liter
Almond and pistachio___ 150 grams
First of all fry the cloves into the ghee and add into the vermicelli, when the vermicwelli
becomes golden add milk in it.
When the vermicelli is tender then add cream in it and cook for
15 mintues, after that clean the raisin and add the flakes of pistachio and almonds in it.
When the milk is dired add sugar and astirr well for 10 minutes.
When all get dissolve then add
almond color and fragrant water for aroma and saffaron. After 2 or 3 boils draw it.
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