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Qeema bhri poori is a pakistani and indian dish. Made for special events and for guests so try this delicious recipe.
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Minced Meat Filled Pooriyan:

Plain flour___ 1 kg
cardamon and clove___ 2 masha both
ginger, coriander___ 125 grams
salt___ as per taste
minced meat___ 1 kg
onion___ 250 grams
garlic___ 25 grams
Lemon___ 5 nos
cheese__ 250 grams
saffaron___ 3 masha

Add yoghurt, ginger and 250 grams of ghee and onion into a boiler and fry well
and keep it separate.

After that grind the cinnamon, cardamon, clove, black and white pepper,
coriander, garlic and add salt and then fry into the ghee.

After frying give few drops of water and
cook well.

When it becomes tender when the water dries, onion which were kept separate, add after mixing
lemon extract, saffaron and chee.

Prepare pooriyan by adding salt, water, ghee into plain flour into two
bowls and knead with milk.

Fry pooriyan after filling minced meat into them.

Some women add potherb instead
of minced meat.   

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