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Gehoo ki meethi rooti is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Wheat pancakes are enjoyed in all the seasons.
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Wheat's Oily Bread
Flour___ 1 kg
Ghee___ 250 grams
Yoghurt___ 250 ml
Milk___ 250 ml
Salt___ 6 mashay

Add 8 tola ghee into the flour and mix it well.

Then add warm water and give light fists and knead well and add salt in it.

Leave the flour for half an hour then add the remaining ghee in it and prepare the doughs and prepare the breads from these doghs.

But do not use them for cooking and place them between two trays and spread yoghurt on them and cook upon the coal\'s fire.

If you like sesame\'s bread then add sesame into the flour during kneading.

Phulka is also prepared by this method but its dough is kept light.

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