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Besan ki rooti is a pakistani and indian chickpea flour roti, eaten with chatni in hot summer days. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Gram Flour Bread
Basin(gram flour)___ 250 grams
ghee___ 5 tolay
ginger___ 1 tola
salt___ 1 tola
plain flour/flour___ 250 grams
yoghurt___ 1 tola
milk___1 liter
mint leaves___1tola

Add ghee and salt into the gram flour and leave it for some time.
After that add yoghurt, water, ginger and
cinnamon(if required) and mic in the gram flour and heat this mixture.
Then add flour or plain flour in it and knead
with milk.
After kneading prepare dough and prepare the breads on the pan, it will definitely give good taste. 

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