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Aloo ka prantha is a potato filled roti. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Potato Paratha
Flour___ half kg
plain flour___ 250 grams
ghee___ 375 grams
ginger___ 1 cube
crushed seasoning___ 2 tola
crushed coriander___ 2 tola
potato___ 1 kg
green chili___ 6 nos
onion___ half bundle
white cumin seed___ 2 tola
red pepper/ salt___ to taste

knead well the flour and plain flour and some salt in it.

Boil the potatoes and rwemove the peel or cover and mash them finely and add grinded spice in it.

Mix them well.

Then add ginger, green chili and green coriander leaves after cutting them. prepare the doghs or small cakes of flour.

On the one dough layer the potato\'s bhurta(paste) and cover it with the other dough
now bind their corners.

Like this spread this double bread on the flat pan and make them crispy by applying ghee.

 Fire should be low now take it out from the
stove. Enjoy now. 

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wajab says:

Noor Khan says:
Thankes for these goods and tasteyreciep.....

amir says:
sain humay app ka ye idea acha laga hai per is main taste nahi hai thora taste dar walla aloo ka paratha bana na sikha de

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