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Daal khari moog is very healthy dish eaten with rice or roti. Here is a urdu recipe and english daal khari masoor ki recipe.
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Daal khari masoor ki

Pulse___ half kg
Clove___ 9 masha
Ginger___ 1 tola
Ghee___ 125 grams
Cardamom___ 9 masha
Onion___ 50 grams
Salt___ 2 tola

Soak the pulse into water.
Crush the spices with Clove, cardamom, black pepper, 3/4th , 3/4th garlic, salt and ginger.
Take out the pulse from the water and add into the boiler. Now dissolve it in water by giving the garnish of onion and garlic.
When the water dries add crushed spices and boil it for few minutes, then take it put from the stove and eat it.  

daal khray masoor ki , urdu recipes
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