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Daal Recipes are easy to cook and best in summer. All kinds of recipes pulses foods and dal recipes. Here you will find Pakistani urdu and English and all other kinds of pulses recipes.
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Channa Ki Daal Ka Bhurta pulses channa ,  pulses recipes , urdu recipesArher ki shah pasand daal arhar ki daal, urdu recipe, pulses recipe , urdu recipes
Chanay Ki Daal aur Karela chanay ki dal or karela , urdu recipesDaal Mong Aur Gosht daal mong gosht, pulses, meat with pulses , urdu recipes
Daal khari masoor ki daal khray masoor ki , urdu recipesDaal Moong aur Palak daal moong or palak , pulses with spinach , urdu recipes
Daal Maash aur qeema black mapte split with meat, daal maash aur qeema recipe , urdu recipesMonghochiya moonghochiya recipe , urdu recipes
Five Daal Mix five daal mix , urdu recipesDaal Mash mash ki daal , urdu recipes
Daal Mong daal khary mong ki , urdu recipesUrad Ki Shahi Daal urad ki shahi  daal , urdu recipes
Daal Mash Our Gosht daal mash our gosht , urdu recipes

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