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Ancient Royal Kabab

Recipe by which these kakabs are prepared was used by the royal chefs of Iran and Indian\'s emperors
This is a perfect recipe to prepare Shami kababs.


Minced meat___ half kg
Green chili___ 5 nos
Mint___ 1 bundle
Onion___ 1 bundle
Gram pulse___ 125 grams
Potato___ 125 grams
Ghee___ 250 grams
Green coriander___ 1 bundle
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Garlic___ 4 nos
Yoghurt___ 125 grams
Eggs___ 2 nos
Red pepper___ to taste

Tender minced meat into water.
Add onion, garlic, gram pulse, potato, ginger\'s half bundle, seasoning, red pepper and salt
in the boiler.
Add water only to tender minced meat.
When the water dries draw minced meat and spices from the boiler
and grind on the slab.
Remember it is very necessary to chop them finely. Otherwise kababs will not be of good shape.
Chop green chili, green corinader and mint leaves into this mixture.
At this stage check the taste of kababs to check the quantity of salt and pepper.
Add yoghurt into this mixture and prepare
kababs of this mixture and place on a large tray or plate. Now beat the egg\'s white and yolk into a bowl.
Fry kababs after lightly dipinto the beaten egg.
Add ghee/oil into frying pan.
When it is heated well then fry kababas into it. In this method kababs are not cooked they are fried only.
After that a crispy covering appears on kababs which is very tasty to eat.
These kababs are eaten with chutney.
This chutney can be of red pepper, green coriander, onion and pepper or mango
and any other fruit.
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