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Sekh Qufli Kabab
Meat___ 1 kg
Clove___ 9 masha
Onion___125 grams
Dried coriander___ 1 tola 8 masha
Red pepper___ 2 tola
Ghee___ 125 grams
Black pepper___ 2 tola
Ginger___ 5 tola 8 masha
Salt___ 3 tola
Yoghurt and plain flour___ as required
Almond___ few kernels
Chop meat pieces on slab and apply ginger\'s extract and onion\'s extract then mix spice with yoghurt and apply on pieces.
Then tie them on iron sticks and cook on fire then un tie then from sticks.
Chop onion into fine oieces and fry it into small quantity of ghee.
Then mix it with small quantity of ghee and red pepper and garnish with spice and place inside the meat\'s pieces and fold them.
Now again tie
these pieces on iron sticks.
Mean while chop some almonds and mix with plain flour and yoghurt.
Garnish this mixture with cloves.
When the kababs are cooking
on iron sticks then apply this mixture on kababs.
Delicious kababs are ready.
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