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Sekh Odhi Kabab

Meat___ 1 kg
Cloves___ 9 masha
Dried coriander___ 1 and half tola
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Pepper___ 3 tola
Ghee__ 250 grams
Black pepper___ 2 tola
Onion___ 125 grams
Salt___ 3 tola
Yoghurt___ as required
Tomato___ 2 nos

Wash the meat and clean it properly.
Then press it with the smooth surface wooden piece.
Then take a large bowl
and add yoghurt, salt in it and beat it well.
Then add meat pieces in it.
Chop garlic finely on the slab.
Chop the ginger in the same manner.
Mix them and prepare a viscous mixture of them.
Add onion, red pepper and curry\'s
spice and meat pieces into ghee and heat them well.
Then sprinkle garlic and ginger mixture on them.
Then add small water into boiler and cover it
and let the meat tender, when it is tender add tomatoes and cook it for further 10 minutes.
Dry the water and
draw the boiler.
Delicious pasanday will be ready.
Add above mentioned curry\'s spice into ghee.
Add red pepper, salt, dried coriander, turmeric and ginger into this mixture.


Press the meat well so that its pieces becomes more thicker.
Then apply ginger\'s extract and salt on them.
Dissolve coriander into water.
Now add the ghee into boiler and place it on fire and add onion and redden them apply yoghurt on meat pieces
and when onion is red then add them into ghee and heat them well.
Do not add water at this stage.
After few minutes add dissolved coriander and stirr slowly.
Toss the meat, when pieces are tender then draw them from curry and tir them on iron sticks nad cook them on fire.
Provide the curry and if yoghurt is remained them apply it on kababs.
Delicious kababs are ready now.

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