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Sekh Kabab

Mutton or beef meat___1 kg
Dried and chopped onion___ 1 kg
Fenugreek___as required
Seasoning___ as required
Cloves___ 5 nos
Fat___ 125 grams
Green coriander___ as required
Red pepper___ as required
Cardamon___ 1 no
Black pepper___ 10 nos
Mustard oil___50 ml
Chop minced meat and onion togather on the slab and add spices in it.
Then prepare balls of this mixture and
cover them on iron sticks, their thickness should be equal. Now toast this minced meat on coals for some time
and then fry kababs into ghee.
And keep in the dish with care.
Serve with chopped onion, chutney and salad.
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