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Sekh Balai Dar Kabab
Dry minced meat___ half kg
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Green chili___ 2 nos
Milk cream___ 125 grams
Green cotiander___ As required
Crushed seasoning___ 25 grams
Onion___ 125grams
Mint leaves___ small quantity
Ghee___ 125 grams
Salt, red pepper___ as required
Unripe papaya(in the form of peel or pulp)___small quantity
First of all chop minced meat on slab.
It must be fine because if it is not fine then kababs will be broken.
Then add all the ingredients in it.
Spices should be finely chopped.
Add green chili, ginger, onion, green coriander and mint leaves
after chopping into fine pieces.
In the second phase add whole cream and half ghee in the minced meat.
Add all its ingredients with any large spoon and leave it in this condition for long time.
After then that
again mix it this is the last phase, tie it on iron sticks and cook to red on burning coals.
Meanwhile add ghee and enjoy with tomato sauce.
It will be very delicious.
sekh k balai dar kabab , urdu recipes
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