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Qeema Piyaz is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Minced Meat and Onion
Minced meat___ half kg
Onion___ 1 kg
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Green chili___ as required
Salt___ as required
Ghee___125 grams
Garlic__ 1 bundle
Crushed seasoning___ 1 pinch
Green coriander___ as required
Crushed red pepper___ 3 pinch
Heat the ghee and red the onion bundles and take them out and start frying the minced meat.
Then add garlic and ginger.
After few minutes add tomato, then after few minutes add crushed red pepper with salt
and provide water.
The purpose of adding ingredients is to cook the minced meat step by step without water.
When the minced meat is well cooked and tender then add onion bundles into the vessel and cover the
minced meat with these onions.
Leave the curry on heat. After 15 minutes onion will be tender by
Now sprinkle green chili and green coriander over the curry.
Add crushed seasoning over it and leave it
on heat for few minutes only.
Onion bundles shape should not be disturbed otherwise it will become tender
and make the curry taste sweet.
If you like the sweet taste then add citrus water during the time of
onion frying.
It is very tasty and everyone enjoys it.
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