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Qeema ghiya is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Minced Meat and Pumpkin
Minced meat___ 250 grams
Ghee___ 125 grams
Coriander___ as required
Citrus___ as required
Onion__ 2 bundles
Cumin white___ as required
Pumpkin___ 1 no medium size
Crushed red pepper___ as required
Black pepper___ as required
Salt___ to taste
Green coriander___ as required
Green chilies___as required

Remove the cover of pumpkin. Remove the pulp that contains seeds.
Cut the remaining pumpkin
into small pieces like the minced meat.
Leave the minced meat after adding salt.
Now prepare the
tussels of onion into ghee and after drawing them from the ghee fry red pepper, salt. black pepper,
cumin and coriander water crushed spices.
Then fry after providing the few drops of water.
Keep it frying
even it becomes red and leave ghee by providing water so that it would not stick with the boiler
and becomes bitter then add minced meat in it and cover it for tenderizing after adding water.
When the minced meat is about to tenderize so fry it again and mean while add pumpkin\'s pieces into it.
Like this they will mix into the minced meat.
Now cover the boiler. Pumkin doesnot require water for tenderization.
It will provide water by itself and tender by the steam of this water and it will mix into the minced meat.
When it is tender take out the boiler from the stove and add julians of coriander and green chili in it.

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