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Non fried Kabab

These kababs are for those people for them fat or oil is prohibited or disadvantageous, however they
are keen on eating Shami kababs:

Minced meat___ half kg
Gram pulse___ half kg
Garlic___ only 5 nos
Pomegranate grain___ only 1 tola
Red pepper___ to taste
Onion___ 1 bundle
Crushed seasoning___50 grams
Salt___ 2 pinch
Eggs___ 2 nos
Ginger___ 1 small bundle

Tender minced meat and pulse in water after adding chopped onion, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper.
When minced meat reaches to tender add pulse into boiler and tender it on avery low flame.
If pulse is tender on high
flame it will not remain whole.
After the tenderization of minced meat and pulse( water dries which is an indicator)
Draw them from the stove and dry them and chop them finely on slab.
Now check its salt if it is not compatible then
prepare small cakes of this mixture and spread in a tray. Break eggs and beat their white and yolk and mix them well.
small quantity of water into a frying panand place it on stove.
Boil the water on low flame. 
Dip t5he minced meat, pulse and spice cakes
in the egg\'s white and yolk mixture and add into the boiling water when they become 4 or 5 in numbers cover the frying pan with any
After 1 or 2 minutes remove plate and change their directin very gradually and again cover the frying pan.
These kababs will not be as red as the fried eggs that are fried into ghee but the egg\'s covering will be cooled into boiling water.
And minced meat and pulse cakes will also cooked by because of boiling water and its steam.
You can easily draw them out.
But during cooking this demands care and attention because if they are not handled or treated with
soft hands then they will be broken.
non fried kabab , urdu recipes
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