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Fish Shami Kabab
Fish___ 1 kg
Onion___ 125 grams
Almond___ 1 large spoon
Red pepper___ 1 large spoon
Salt___ 2 small spoon
Green coriander___ half bundle
Ghee___ 1 cup
Yoghurt___ half cup
Coconut, sesame, poppy seed___ 1 large spoon
Turmeric___ half small spoon
Green chili___5 nos
Mint___ half bundle
First of all wash the fish and cut into pieces and add crushed spice, ginger, garlic, turmeric into 2 cup water and add into boiler.
When fish is tender and water dries then draw them and prepare balls of fish by adding yoghurt.
Heat the ghee into a frying pan and fry the kababs to almond color.
Kababs are ready now, everbody will praise you.
fish shami kabab , urdu recipes
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