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Barmee Dish is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Barmee Dish
Boneless meat___ 750 grams
Ghee___ as required
Milk___ 2 table spoon
Potato___ 2 or 3
Green coriander___ as required
Isapgai___ 1 can
Butter___ 1 ounce
Vinegar__ some
Onion___ as required
Mint and green chili___ as required
First cut the meat into small pieces and then fry it to taste. Chop 2 onion into fine pieces and also chop potato into small pieces.
Braek isapgai.
Fry some and draw out.
Prepare it at the time of eating.
Add water into boiler and boil the remaining isapgai with salt and when it is boiled strain it.
Heat it after adding butter and milk and when cooked then serve into dish with meat and fry the isapgai.
Garnish on the meat
and chop onion into fine pieces and garnish it.
Sprinkle the chopped green coriander, green chili on it with vinegar.
Then serve on lay.
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