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Eggs Chops
Chop___ half kg
Red pepper, salt___ as required
Garlic___25 grams
Ghee___ 250 grams
Eggs___ 2 nos
Clove___ 25 grams
Crushed seasoning___25 grams
Plain flour___ 3 large spoon
Add 4 cup water into boiler and place it on stove and add chop, half salt, half cloves and half garlic in it. When meat is tender draw boiler from the stove.
Water is dried. Mix well plain flour after adding it in the egg\'s white and yolk and crushed seasoning, half salt and red pepper. Then apply this mixture on chops and fry them. On redden
take it out and place in the dish. Then serve with green coriander, green chili and salad after cutting them finely.
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