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Triangular Pasanday

Pasanday(make holes with knife\'s point)___ half kg
Ghee___ 100 grams
Garlic___ 1 bundle
Dried coriander___ 3 pinch
Green coriander___ 1 bundle
Salt___ to taste
Onion___ 2 bundle
Red pepper___3 pinch
Crushed Seasoning___ 2 pinch
Yoghurt____ 125 grams
Grind half onion, garlic, red pepper, coriander and salt with water.
Then fry ghee into boiler and then add half onion in it and red it and take it out.
Now add the crushed seasoning into boiler and fry it if the spices stick tyo the vessel then provide water
to avoid burning of curry.
In case of burning curry will be bitter. 
triangular pasanday , urdu recipes
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