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Irani Kofta
Minced meat dry___ half kg
Raisin___ 25 grams
Fragrant water___ 4 large spoon
Cardamon___ 5 nos
Onion___ half kg
Seasoning___1 tola
Ghee___ 250 grams
Almond___ 25 grams
Saffaron___ 2 mashay
Pistachio___ 25 grams
Gram pulse___ 50 grams
Salt, pepper___ to taste
Add minced meat and all spices with the gram pulse into the boiler with water and leave to cook so that the pulse is tender.
On the drying of water grind all the things on the slab.
Fry onion tussels into ghee.
Prepare soup of the remaining ingredients
serve fried minced meat balls in it.
All the efforts are useless if food is prepared tasteless and a little intellingce
make it tasteful.
Irani, minced meat balls , urdu recipes
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