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Graby Pasanaday

Pasanday___ half kg
Coriander___ 100 grams
Crushed seasoning___ 3 pinch
Yoghurt___ 250 grams
Green coriander___ 1 large bundle
Onion___ 250 or 375 grams
Red pepper, Salt___ as required
Ghee___ 150 grams
Ginger___ 1 small bundle
Salt___ to taste
Redden the some pieces of onion into ghee and after then that keep them separate.
Then add pasanday in it and fry them.
Preparae the gravy of the remaining onion, coriander, red pepper and salt.
Keep its quantity according to your chioce.
Add fried pasanday in it and tender them.
Remember that gravy should not be
If it is so thethen add some water in it.
When pasanday starts to tender then to increase the taste and to make the gravy more denser add ghee.
Roasted meat do not take more time to tender.
Because of that pasanday will tender soon.
Check one pasanda.
If it is tender then take the boiler out of boiler and add crushed seasoning, chopped ginger, chopped green coriander and fried onion in it and leave it close for few minutes.
graby pasanday , urdu recipes
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