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Qulfee ice cream is a urdu and pakistani indian dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Pure Milk___ 3 liter
Cardamom___ 10 or 12 nos
Fragrant water___ 4 large spoon
Condensed milk___ 250 grams
Almond’s kernel ___ 50 grams
Sugar___ 250 grams

Heat the milk till it becomes half of the total amount.

Add sugar in it and mix now takes the milk out from the stove.

When it becomes cool add condensed milk in it and grind the cardamom and add in it.

Add almond and pistachio flakes in the qulfi if freezing is required.

Add this mixture into qulfi mould and sprinkle pistachio flakes over it.

Cover the qulfi and tightly packed with the hard flour.

Crush ice and into the earthen pot with crystallized saltpeter.

Place the qulfis in the middle and keep shaking the earthen pot.

After half an hour shaking qulfi will be prepared.

I f you want to freeze the qulfi into machine then condensed milk into the milk and add almond and pistachio flakes.

Crush the cardamom and add with the fragrant water.

Freeze it with the help of machine for one hour.

After one jour delicious ice cream will be prepared. 


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very nice

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ilove this recipie..... its 2 good..... so nice.....

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