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Singhar Fish Curry
Fish___ 1 kg
Gralic___ 100 grams
White cumin___ as required
Youghurt___ 125 grams
Onion___ 150 grams
Seasonings___ as required
Dried coriander___ as required
GHee___ 150 grams
Green coriander, salt and red pepper___ as required

Prepare the fish before 1 day like that it is for frying.
At the time of cooking remove spice from the fish
fry it with the remaining crushed spices.
Then add youghurt in the vessel.
When spice leaves water
then fry fish till it becomes half tender.
Then add water and prepare gravy.
Cook for some time.
Then serve after adding green coriander
and seasonings.
singhar fish curry , urdu recipes
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