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Rowh Fish Curry
Fish large___ 1 kg
Gram flour___ 50 grams
Cloves___ 3 nos
Ginger___ 1 tola
Turmeric___ 9 masha
Yoghurt___ 250 grams
Ghee___ 250 grams
Coriander___ 3 tola
Onion___ 250 grams
Red pepper___ 4 tola
Salt___ to taste
Remove the fish\'s bones and cut the fish meat into pieces and apply chopped gram flour on them.
Then boil these pieces into a boiler with water.
When they are boiled then then provide the garnish of cloves and mix well and make more stickiness into yoghurt.
If fish bones are required to remove then dip the fish pieces into borax into papaya\'s extract and leave it for 1 day.
rohw fish curry , urdu recipes
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