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Fried Whole Fish
Roh Fish___ half kg
Onion ___ 1 no
Bitter oil/ghee___ 3 large spoon
Dried grapes___ 1 large spoon
Mustard___ few
Red ripe tomatoes___ 2 nos
Grlic ___ 2 nos
Green chili___ 3 nos
Salt and black pepper___ as required
Bread crumb(dried)___ small amount
Clean the fish and leave it whole, sprinkle salt, black pepper and mustard over it.
Then cover it in bread dried crumb and fry i the boiling oil till it becomes brown
from both sides.
Cut the tomatoes and onions separate and fry in 3 spoon ghee/ oil.
Then add crushed garlic and julians of green chili with dried grapes.
And cook
the fish in it on a very low heat untill it becomes soft.
Cut it and serve with green coriander leaves.
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sarmad says:
i need fish recepies and vegetables in difrent forms. thanks sarmad

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