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Fish Irani Curry
Fish___ 1 kg
Seasoning___ 3 tola
Dried grapes___ 125 grams
Coriander___ 3 tola
Ginger___ 1 small
Red pepper___ 4 tola
Cumin___ 3 tola
Ghee___ 250 grams
Saffaron___ 2 masha
Almonds___ 125 grams
Onion___ 250 grams
Lemon___ 2 nos
Anniseed___ 3 tola
Youghurt___ 250 grams
Salt___ to taste

Cut the fish into pieces and wash them with the lemon extract and then leave them after apply salt on them.
After then that wash with gram\'s flour and youghurt. Then wash with anniseed and cumin\'s water.
Then leave after applying salt and crushed spices. Now fry the ghee into the boiler and red the bundles of onion in it
and take them out in a plate. Fry the fish\'s pieces in the same ghee for a while. After then that
give the lemon\'s sweetening to the fried pieces. After 1 minute add dried fruits into the boiler.
Then add saffaron. Grind the coriander in the water and keep ready it. If fish sticks to the surface of the
boiler immediately add coriander waters this save the fish\'s pieces from burning. By the coriander water some
stickiness appears. Donot let it dry. And prepare viscous curry by it the spice viscous according to requirement.
Spice should be as much viscous so it can be eated with the bread.
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