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Fish and cabbage
Cabbage___ 1 kg
Onion___ 1 small bundle
White cumin seed___ 2 tola
Mustard oil___ 375 ml
Fish___ half kg
Gralic___ 1 bundle
Crushed coriander___ 2 tola
Salt, red pepper___ as required
Green chili___ as required
Cut the fish into pieces and leave after applying salt for one hour.
After then that wash them.
Grind garlic, salt, red pepper, crushed coriander and white cumin seed.
Apply this mixture on the
fine pieces of fish and then leave them for 2 hours.
Cut the cabbage into fine pieces and boil it.
Fry the spices into the same oil and then fry the oil and then fry the fish in this oil.
Again fry the spices in this oil and fry the cabbage in the same oil and cook it after providing
a lilltle amount of water.
When it is cooked then add green chili and place fish pieces over them
leave the boiler on heat and then take it out after 15 minutes.
Use with boiled rice(dried).
Some people
do not cook cabbage\' leaves in the fish\'s oil.
They cook them into a separate boiler and then add the fish\'s spice
into the cabbage\'s prepared curry. In every case this dish is very delicious.
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