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Chieken corn soup is a chinese dish. Try this delicious recipe.
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Chieken Corn Soup
Pakistani salt___ according to requirement
Eggs___ 4 nos
Corn ___ one cup
Chicken soup___ 12 cups
Fine pieces of chicken___ half cup
Corn flour___ half cup
Ajino moto___ (Chinese salt)___ 2 small spoon

Separate the meat of one kg chicken from its chest and leg piece. (This substance can be used to prepare chilies) add water and salt in the bones and pieces and then place them on stove and heat at low flame for the preparation of soup and softening of meat.
If dried corns are obtained so soak them overnight.
And in the morning boil them and then mash them.
When the meat becomes soften and soup is prepared drain the soup and add the grinded pieces of corn.
Add pieces of meat from which soup was prepared.
Cook it for sometimes.
Add Chinese salt in it with Pakistani salt.
Mix the corn flour into the boiling water and stir with the spoon.
Due to stirring lumps are not formed.
After one or two boils add beaten eggs in it and stir this mixture after the formation of thread like network and when it becomes viscous take this out from the stove and eat hot.
With this soup present chili sauce and julians of green chili that are soaked in vinegar.
If you feel that bones and meat are less in the soup then add 3 or 4 chicken cubes after dissolving into water. Chicken cubes are available at cheap prices in the local markets.
With one cube two cups of soup can be easily prepared.

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