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Chicken chow mein is a urdu and Chinese dish. Read it and try this delicious recipe.
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Chicken ChowMein
Boneless chicken ___ half kg( cut into small pieces)
Soya sauce___ 3 table spoon
green onion leaves___ 1 cup
Chicken cubes___ 2 nos
Capicum___ 3 nos
Oil___ 4 table spoon
Add bean sprouts and leaves in the end
Chicken cube mixed plain frlour___ half table spoon
Sugar___ 1 tea spoon
White pepper(crushed)___ 1 tea spoon
Corn flour___ 1 tea spoon
Black pepper(crushed)___ 1 tea spoon
Cabbage___ 1 Flower
Bean sprouts___ 1 cup
Whit vinegar___3 table spoon
Salt___ as required
Carrot___ 3 nos
Noodles___ 1 packet
Sesame oil___ few drops
ginger, garlic(grinded)___ 1 tea spoon

First of all add 1 spoon of vinegar, 1 spoon of soya sauce, salt and corn flour into the chickenand leave it for half an hour.
Heat alot of water into a large vessel, when the water becomes boiled add noodles with 1 spoon of oil, when the noodles becomes tender, strain them by strainer and wash the noodles with cold water by tossing them and add 1 tea spoon of oil to avoid the stickiness og noodles.
Heat the oil into a large vessel. add onion and heat till it becomes brown. Add garlic and ginger and lightly fry it.
When the water dries add vegetables and cubes then add soya sauce, vinegar, salt, white and blacl pepper
plain flour and chicken and fry for 5 minutes, then add noodles and mix them.Heat after adding bean sprouts,
leaves and sesame oil and serve hot. 

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