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Green Chicken Masala

Chicken___ 1 no
Green chili___ 8 nos
Chopped ginger___ 1 table spoon
Crushed black pepper___ 1 tea spoon
Green coriander____2 bundles
Salt___ to taste
Covered garlic ___ 6 nos
Onion___ 2 bundles
Oil___ 1 cup
Yoghurt___ half cup
Lemon___ 3 to 4 nos

Wash chicken properly with half warm water then apply salt, garlic and cook in the boiler without covering.
When water dries remove it.
Heat oil into a boiler.
And golden brown the onion.
When onion becomes golden brown then take it out and spread on a newspaper
so that it will become crispy then add chopped chutney and fry them togather.
Heat oil into a frying pan and slightly fry the boiled chicken and add into the chutney\'s boiler
when all the pieces are fried then add lemon\'s extract and onion pieces.
Leave to heat for 5 minutes.
Keep the fire low.
Serve it with hot rice and oily breads.

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Aamir says:
very nice resipes

shahrukh says:
ye chek kr lena

kulsi says:
no chutni recipy showed:(

SAQIB says:
is me kahin dhaniye ka naam hi nahi he kay wo wo kab or kese dale ga jab kay oper aap ne 2 gaddi likhi hain jo is me dalain gin

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