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Chicken Nuggets
Chicken peices___ half kg(cut into cubes)
Bread crumb___ 250 grams
Plain flour___ half cup
white pepper(crushed)___ 1 table spoon
Corn flour___ 2 table spoon
Oil___ as required
Chicken cube mixed plain flour___ 1 table spoon
Eggs___ 2 nos
Salt___ as equired
Add all the above mentioned ingredients into the chicken except bread crumb.
Mix well and leave for half an hour. Heat the oil into a deep frying pan, when
the oil is heated spread the bread crumb on the chicken and deep fry it, keep on stirring
When it becomes golden spread it on the newspaper and sprinkle a pinch of bason or gram flour on it.
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Qaiser says:
Dear Sir,Salam-o-Alaikum, Really it\'s a exxcellent efforts plz do continue.Qaiser

azila says:
plz send me new recipies i like pakistani dishes

azila says:
plz send me new recipies i like pakistani dishes

farah says:
i like this

nasir iqbal says:
its very good and easy to make. you are able to apprichate. thanks for given a good tast

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