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Chick Qurma
Large chick___ 1 no
Ginger clove___ 1 no
Onion___ 2 nos
Clove___ 3 nos
Red pepper___ 1 small spoon
Seacsoning___ 1 small spoon
Green chili___ 2 0r 3 no
Green coriander___ 1 bundle
Salt___ to taste
Yoghurt___ 125 grams
Cloves___ 3 no
Turmeric___ 1 small spoon
Crushed cumin seed___ 1 small spoon
Large raisin___ 12 grains
Cumin seed crushed and roasted___ half large spoon
Ghee___ to taste
Cut the onion and green chili into the fine julian slices. Clean the chick and
cut into pmtimal pieces, fry the ghee and add yoghurt and crushed apices and then
add the pieces of chick and fry them untill they becomes red. After than that pour
seasoning, cumin seed, turmeric, salt, both chilies and water into the boiler.
Keep the flame low. When the gravy is ready prepare dense or viscos soup of it
and take it out then.
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