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Lemon ka achar is a pickle recipe. Have it with rice and curry and add taste to your regular meal.
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Lemon Ka Achar
Fresh good quality large lemons___30 nos
Black pepper___ 25 grams
Vinegar grapes pure____ 1 bottle
Sugar___ half kg
Red pepper___ as required
Ginger___ 25 grams
Clean lemon with clean water and cut into two pieces. Peel off the ginger and cut into julians .
Pour cleaned lemons into a jar
and sprinkle salt over it and leave it for 3 days.
But mix them well in these 3 days.
After 3 days remove the saltish water.
And press gradually the lemons after placing into any clean cloth so that all the remaining saltish water.
Now add vinegar, sugar, black pepper crushed,
red pepper crushed and ginger pieces into a large vessel and mix well.
When all these things becomes well mixed then add lemon into
a jar and then pour the prepared mixture over it and cover it tightly and leave it for one week.
Shake one time only daily.
In eight days pickle is ready to eat. 
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